Frequently Asked Questions

Is power available on all stands?

Due to the layout and constraints of our halls, there are a limited number of power supplies. Stands with these available are clearly marked on both the booking page and the confirmation page. Some of our events charge extra for power supplies.

Can I bring my own table/clothes rail/display stand?

Space is very limited at some of our events and we have to ensure we keep the walkways clear. Therefore only some of our stands can accommodate extra space - these are clearly displayed on the booking and confirmation pages.

Can I pay after the payment deadline?

No. Our system will automatically cancel your booking. If you are unable to get a cheque to us by the date we've provided, you can opt to pay by card from the booking page. Click "Manage Booking" to do this.

Can I change my stands after booking?

Sadly not. If you wish to do this, you'll need to cancel your booking and re-book the stands you'd like at the event. However doing so may incur cancellation fees. Additionally, any refunds from fees you have already paid may take up to 5 days to clear.

Can I add extra stands to my booking?

No, but you can make another booking.

Can I book more than 3 tables in one go?

No, but you can make multiple bookings. Please ensure you pay for your first booking before making another.